Sunday, 21 December 2014

New Paint Scheme

I haven't done an update for a while most of the activity with Robbie has been
trying different parts and arm designs between Hector and Inmoov as always there
are pros and con to each design. Inmoov has more activate development so the larger
part of Robbie is Inmoov. The main problem with the Inmoov design was the lack of
shoulder pan joint ROS moveit needs some form of pan joint for the kinematic solvers
to find a solution after trying different joint configuration Inmoov with the waist pan
joint worked just as good as Hector. Hectors biggest down fall was the gearbox the
worms slipped under heavy loads and the back lash was very high. I still have 2 of
these gearboxes in the elbows so i will have to fix that at some point

On the software side I have made large improvements in localisation and navigation
Robbie's ability to go through door ways has improved to the point where navigation to
any place in the house is possible. Using behaviour trees he constantly monitors the
battery if the battery is low he auto docks with the charger and will continue with the task
after charging is complete.

Robbie's arms are controller by a Adruino Due the pull up resistors need to be disabled

To mark the change from hardware testing back to robot development I have changed the colour
scheme to black and gold. I dont intend to change the design but rather improve what I have
The focus will be more on software and operational use