Sunday, 12 August 2012

First Printed Parts

Its been awhile since the last post the printer is finished and working
the threaded rods i use for the X and Y axis make the printer very slow, but at least it works. To use the printer to its full potential I need to learn cad and openscad which all takes time the first parts are starting to find there way
on the robot the orings i used to sync the castor angle and potentiometer didn't last long and tended to slip off, replacing them with gears seams to be a natural choice the only snag is reverse the pot power connections  to make up for the change in direction when using gears. I mover the MCU from the side pod
to under the torso (which has been hinged to provide quicker access). The wiring has also been cleaned up to provide better reliability. I finally completed the drive motors by adding the last motor controller and encoders now its a true holomonic drive, but i fear we have run up to the limit of the AtMega I'm having a lot of trouble tuning the PID loops (8) stearing works fine on it's own but when i  add the drive velocity control  the steering starts to drift