Thursday, 4 October 2012

Right Arm

Since the last update i have rebuilt the printer about 3 time it's now a reprap and prints 20 times faster that the first version. I found a great hand and arm project on thingiverse inmoov i have the most of the major parts printed just waiting on some servos and free time to start programing 


  1. All right first bicep I see printed by someone else, do you mind to post a picture in "I made one" on thingiverse.
    Are you printing in PLA?
    Good job on your Robbie robot, or should I call him Frankenstein, a bit of Robbie, a bit of InMoov...

  2. I will post a picture on the weekend,
    Its printed mostly in PLA and the blue bits are ABS
    I get to much warping with ABS at the moment i think my hot bed is not hot enough, at a later date i want to reprint the arm in white
    Frankenstien is right i want to see him drive through the house with the arms in the air

  3. Hi Peter, did you get the parts for the shoulder I have sent you by email?