Monday, 1 April 2013

Robbie gets a head 2

Inmoov gave us all a Easter present normally it a chocolate egg but this year its a plastic head I think it really make Robbie look good. Now to dust off the head tracking, face recognition and the AI program he needs to speak.

we still have to do s bit more finishing and painting and find the right cameras for the eyes


  1. hello peter i am following your projet and i find nice your robot
    could you tell me if you put open source for bild your robot plateforme
    thank you for your answer

  2. Hi ambroise
    Robbie is open source I have a SVN it's only a place to store files so i don't loose them it's not meant to be a organised project so the files are a mess
    and my coding style is very basic but that said you are welcome use them if you like

  3. hello pierre you shoulder is interesting for me so it is possible to see in video how is work and if we can build it the same thank you amby