Sunday, 1 September 2013


It's been a hard couple of weeks the new base needs a wider foot print it's not very stable when moving making the kinect laser scan is unreliable but the worst part was the new dog wanted to say hello by jumping up on him which resulted in Robbie falling over the good part was most of the upper torso was off so very little damage was done. With the battery charger on board and hooked to the battery all the time this discharges the battery when not in use for a while. So after a bit of a rethink I I'm rebuilding the drive base with bigger wheels a wider base and better weight distribution also added a charge bar so charging can be done from a docking station.
 Finally had so time to play with arms today  I was really happy with the moving the shoulder lift( the joint with the most strain) was moving nice and smooth through the full range of movement but when I tried a fast full range movement the drive coupling broke again if I could join the 2 STL file's (Freecad just crashes) I would print them in nylon

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