Friday, 4 October 2013

Inmoov elbow

In a effort to get more out off the inmoov arm I have made some mod these mods are still experimental looking at the NASA robonaut the shoulders rotate back and give almost 270 degrees of rotation by pulling the shoulder back it makes it easer to drive around, tucking the arm up and being able to lock them in place which will help with the bounce when going over small gaps . Part 2 of the mod requires the elbow to move more than 90 degrees I was never a fan of the old thread design having broken a few also I need feed back using a motor and pulleys I'm able to get the required movement and using the same motor controller as the rest of the arm also helps keep it simple. Todo move the motor lower  to increase the up angle  and smaller motor this one is only at 1/3 power and speed.


  1. Hey Pete,
    I really like your designs on the elbow modification, I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Nevada Reno working on a project with the CSE using the InMoov robot. I was wondering if we could get in contact. Do you think you can shoot me an message on my account?

    1. Hi Will
      I gave up on this design it only works with power applied all the time. my new design merges Inmoov and Hector into a 8 DOF arm that seem to have more promise

      you can contact me at