Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition under Linux is a pain, but then under windows it never worked very well. After a bit of playing around i found that the voice recognition program is not the problem but the quality of the sound that we feed into the voice recognition program, there is back ground noise, motor noise and other voices have different pitch(women and kids)so its no wonder the results are poor. The program hark has the features required all it needs is a microphone array. The kinect seems like it will do the job, But getting the microphone to work under with linux is the problem libfreenet only works with older kinects and only on some ports Robbie has 2 kinects a older one for navigation mounted low to the ground  and a newer one for face tracking mounted in his head. Before I can can move to the next stage I have to swap them over just sapping the leads over results in no microphones found. and swapping them will mean removing the mount from one and adding a bracket to the other


  1. Hey Peter, great work on Robbie! =) did you have any luck getting the microphone array inside the Kinect working?

    1. Yes the microphone array works but still needs some tuning with the gain threshold in hark then i want the head to turn towards the sound before i tune the rest of the system(julius)