Thursday, 18 June 2015

Robbie Upgrade

The original base was causing some problems with arms in the relaxed and travel position the arms
would hit the lower body , I don't want the arms to make Robbie to wide he has enough trouble getting through door ways as it is also I didn't have the time for a total rebuild (moving the wheels further inboard) so I opted for some covers and a redesigned waist joint. I ripped the speakers apart

and put them in the space for the kinect. I have put the kinect back in the head so I can visualise the work space  


  1. I will be important for him to fit through doorways, it is a practical choice. His face has a rather benevolent expression.

  2. Just a headsup -- your blog isn't pulled by See

    1. Hi Isaac
      I realise with out ROS tags it wont be pulled but looking the the content of planet ros I felt my meagre efforts look out of place there perhaps later

    2. Ok. Looks like we're a few rosizen who push from to planet. Although not sure, I recently made this change beside ROS label.