Sunday, 30 October 2011

Stage 1 complete

Over the weekend we completed stage 1
  • The motors are wired and working
  • steering works but still need making more robust
  • We had to rewire the encoders to use ports they work but not in the program
  • we added the torso mount and the kinect
After a couple of test we were ready for our first run,  Robbie was making good speed with smooth acceleration and no belt slippage   steering is a bit off to the right. The steering encoders are a bit agricultural they need groves to hold the o ring and the correct size o ring. The wiring around the pod bays need to be cleaned up and tied back to stop wires getting snagged. 1 thing i have noticed is the base seems stable when transitioning from forwards to reverse (I felt there might be some wobble in the caster legs).

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