Sunday, 2 December 2012

New Shoulder Joints

After Seeing Inmoov's video I liked the way his shoulder moved and the bearings and drive system that i required made the original set up very jerky and hard to get a accurate placement here is a photo of the new joints I have removed the lower arm for the moment until the new joint works smoothly The actuators were some old trim tab actuators i had laying around with the gearing they should have about 150 Kg/cm torque the code is very similar to the steering and drive functions of the base with a 2 stage PI controller it moves very smoothly. The left arm should be finished next week then I need work on how to attach the shoulder and  head.


  1. Great progress here! These actuators seem very strong, I like it, definitly! Go Robbie, go.

  2. very nice job i wait many pictures