Thursday, 16 January 2014

Robbie the cartographer

Finally received the new encoder disc's after fitting them the problem of erratic
reading changed side after 3 days of work the encoder are running well. The main cause was the disc was not aligned and running true, the axles are only threaded rod
which gives a little movement i put a layer of tape around the rod and every thing started to work as expected.  That doesn’t mean there are no more problems, after adjusting the encoder counts Robbie was again running straight  but long for a 1 meter move he went 1.16 and for every turn he over shot by 22 degrees. Once i examined the data the distance travelled in real life matched the distance and angles
in his localization, the extra distance came from deceleration when i have a spare day I will adjust the PID loop to be more responsive.  The deceleration issuse will not impact navigation to much so the first task was to make a map.  To my surprise the maps were the best best we have ever achieved they still need a lot of work for them to be perfect (we are using a kinect not a laser scanner) before we can do long range navigation. Robbie was able to navigate in the garage with out crashing into the walls the localization on the map was good. Over the next couple of days I want to run more navigation test and a few videos I want to see how he goes up the ramp and through the doors. I will need to work out a good position for the arms just hanging down is not good the hand can get caught on object.

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