Tuesday, 18 February 2014

ROS Movit

At last I have ROS Moveit working, after writing the action servers it all came together. The simulation mode is great for testing learning to use it will be a challenge. I did have one problem that cause me a headache for a while. The simulator worked but when it came to using a real robot it failed the problem was you have to modify the demo launch file not just use move group launch. The demo launch file you remove static transformation and the robot state  publishers.
I still need to tune the joint angles and reduce the error in movement to the required angle. Its very interesting to watch Robbie move his arm and avoid obstacle's  in his way.
The next challenge is to recognize a object and pick it up move it. That will require a Kinect but Robbie’s kinect is too low to be of use. So I stuck one in his head a Asus camera would be better as it's smaller but the jinect was only $30 against $300 for the Asus. It makes him look strange once every thing is working we will have to do a redesign not just on the head but also the arms.

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