Wednesday, 11 March 2015

ROS MoveIT Update

I have had Moveit working for a while now but I could never get pick and place work I could
move the arm to a location but that was it. After a bit of research I traced the problem to my
URDF, I didn't place to coordinate frame at the end of the joint and the orientation of the frame
was wrong. After I adjusted everything it worked the arms can now reach more places and the resulting  arm position is more natural. the only real problem is the simple URDF I made for
testing works quicker and has a better result with pick and place(less fails). Next up is a test with
the real robot I have to change the joint configuration on Robbie to match the URDF the wrist yaw joint worked better than the wrist pan joint now the arm has 7 joints plus the gripper not the 8 from before

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