Thursday, 14 July 2016

Magnetic encoder gearbox

It's been a while since the last update I have redesigned the gearbox with 2 radial bearings and a thrust bearing. The worm is print in 2 parts this gives a better tooth profile and reduce backlash. The motor driver is now a VNH2SP30 on a custom pcb and still the arduino pro mini. Its now mounted on the gearbox to reduce wiring and make it more modular. After the redesign its not 100% compatible with Inmoov. Communication is now with RS485 each unit is daisy chained from the last again to reduce the wiring clutter. Using cheap motors causes a problem with the PID accuracy mainly due to the higher starting voltage and the resultant jerk on start of movement.



  2. Hi Peter,

    We briefly spoke on the InMoov Google group about making the InMoov autonomous, as I am researching this topic for my final year peoject. Would love if I could get some guidance from someone of your expertise as my project will largely rely on collaboration. My email is would love to have a chat

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