Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Rats Nest

The wiring on Robbie has always been a problem and a big source of unreliability, the other issue was the I2C network not being able to put the motor drivers on the motor made the wiring a mess. The L298n motor drivers were bit under powered and standard servos in some of the joint it time for a rethink. I replace the I2C network with RS485 now the drivers are on the motors and the cables use JST XH connectors which makes for cleaner wiring VNH2SP30 and the TB6612FNG dual motor driver have replaced the servo drivers and the L298n. I replace the control board in the servo and used a magnetic encoder with the TB6612FNG but used the gearing this saved a lot of work redesigning the joint. The new network is working and the joint signal stability is better that before.




  1. Hey Peter,

    I've been working on integrating my inmoov with ROS/MoveIt as well. I'm pretty far along but am running into similar issues with limited range of pickup and I may need to add more DOFs. Any suggestions? Would you be open to doing a video call or something to discuss I would love to learn from what you have already accomplished. A link to pictures of our build can be found here:!AgJ5gEt4C6xxhzEHOLLoGOWjcsdS

  2. Hi Matt
    I have redone all my earlier files and drivers Robbie's movement are much smoother. accuracy is still a big problem even with magnetic encoders and bearings in the gearbox's. I have also changed the communication from I2C to RS485 that alone helped with the reliability. You can contact me directly on email peter.heim1066 gmail com

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